Why You Should Plan a Viewing as Part of Cremation Services

Posted on September 27, 2021 by Lake Erie Cremation & Funeral Services under Cremation Services
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Prior to burying a loved one, most families will hold a viewing for them. But families don’t always take the same approach when they’re planning cremation services in Geneva, OH. They’ll sometimes choose not to hold a viewing for a loved one and will instead skip right on to the cremation itself. If possible, you should steer clear of doing this and hold a viewing for your loved one. It’ll be beneficial to you in so many ways. Here are several reasons why you should plan a viewing as part of a loved one’s cremation services.

Gives your family a chance to accept a loved one’s loss

Is your family having a really tough time coming to terms with a loved one’s loss? If so, you might be struggling to accept the fact that they are really gone. Holding a viewing for them right before their Geneva, OH cremation will allow you to wrap your head around what has happened. It’ll be impossible for your brain to deny that your loved one is gone once you see them with your own eyes at their viewing.

Puts your family in a position to give a proper goodbye to a loved one

Before your family cremates a loved one, you should always make sure that you say goodbye to them. You should also try to get anything else that you might want to say to them off your chest. It can be challenging getting this done when your loved one is going to be cremated. But you’ll have a chance to do it during a viewing. You can sit or kneel in front of your loved one and say just about anything to them. It’ll be an incredibly cathartic experience for you and your other family members.

Surrounds your family with a whole lot of support

You and your family are going to need to try and get access to as much support as you possibly can when you’re mourning a loved one’s loss. It’ll be easier for you to do this when you hold a viewing for your loved one. Unless you choose to make the viewing private, there are going to be all kinds of people who will show up for it. They’ll lend their support to your family and help you get through one of the hardest times in your life.Cremation services in Geneva, OH

Helps your family jumpstart the healing process

When you first lose a loved one, you might feel as though you’re not ever going to get over their loss. But you will be able to heal as long as you give yourself the time that you need. It’s going to be a process, but you can get things started by holding a viewing for your loved one. This viewing is going to jumpstart the healing for you and your family and put you on the right path as you move forward with your lives.

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