What Do the Various Flowers Found at Funeral Homes Mean?

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Walk into any of the funeral homes in Ashtabula, OH and you’ll find it filled with flowers. Many people send flowers to funeral homes to show their sympathy to grieving families. But a lot of them don’t actually know what these different kinds of flowers mean. If you fall into this category, you should learn about the meanings behind some of the most common kinds of funeral flowers before you send another bouquet of them. It’ll ensure that you’re able to send the right message when you send someone flowers following the loss of their loved one. Discover more about the flowers found at funeral homes below.


Lilies are probably the most popular flowers at most funeral homes—and for good reason! You’ll often see lilies scattered around at Ashtabula, OH funeral services because they have come to symbolize the innocence that is restored to a person’s soul at the time of their death. Lilies can also be used to represent things like purity and majesty in some circles. This has made them a staple at most funeral homes.


Carnations have also turned into a favorite among the families that hold funeral services for their loved ones at funeral homes. People love that they last for a long time and that they’re also some of the most fragrant flowers around. They also love carnations because they stand for things like admiration (red), remembrance (pink), and pure love (white) depending on what color they are.


When you think about a big bouquet of roses, you probably associate them with Valentine’s Day. But it’s worth noting that you’ll also find quite a few roses inside of most funeral homes. In the context of a person’s death, roses have started to symbolize things like reverence, respect, love, appreciation, and friendship. Roses are used to showcase so much more than just romantic love these days.


Although orchid plants don’t have as many flowers as some of the other floral arrangements that we’ve discussed here, they still carry a strong message when they’re sent to funeral homes. Orchids are meant to showcase the sympathy that a person feels for a grieving family. They can also be used to express the love that someone feels for a family that is mourning a loved one’s loss.funeral homes in Ashtabula, OH


At the end of the day, we send flowers to grieving families at funeral homes to try and add a little bit of brightness and cheer to their dark days. It’s what has made tulips more popular than ever in recent years among those sending flowers to funeral homes. Tulips represent renewal and a fresh start. It has made them a welcome addition at many funeral homes.

Would you like to send flowers to Lake Erie Cremation & Funeral Services? Our local florist can lend a helping hand to you. They can be used during both burial and Ashtabula, OH cremation services. Reach out to us if you have any questions about sending flowers to our facility.

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