Types of Services You Can Hold for Someone Who Is Being Cremated

Posted on January 25th, 2021 by Lake Erie Cremation & Funeral Services under Cremation Services
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cremation services in Ashtabula, OH

Are you going to be cremating a loved one as opposed to burying them sometime in the near future? You might be wondering what kind of services you can hold for a person as part of their cremation services in Ashtabula, OH. The truth is that there are several different types of services that you can put together for someone who is being cremated rather than buried. Learn about some of these types of services below.


Traditional funeral

For years, there were many families who were under the impression that traditional Ashtabula, OH funeral services couldn’t be held for someone who was being cremated. But the reality is that you can hold a traditional funeral for someone who is being cremated if you would like. In fact, many families choose to take this approach. Oftentimes, they will hold a traditional funeral that looks just like the kind of funeral you would hold for someone who is being buried. Then, they’ll send their body to a crematory once it’s over rather than sending it to a cemetery. Some of the people in attendance at the funeral might not even realize that the person is being cremated until the very end.


Memorial service

While families are more than welcome to stage traditional funerals for their loved ones who are being cremated if they would like, they’re also free to hold a memorial service instead. A memorial service can be held either before a person’s cremation or after it. In some instances, families have chosen to wait weeks or even months to hold a memorial service for someone who was cremated, based on the availability of those in their families. Memorial services are usually a little less formal than traditional funerals, but they’re still great options for those families that want to pay tribute to their fallen family members who are being or have been cremated.


Celebration of life ceremony

Do you want to plan a funeral service for your loved one that doesn’t feel like a funeral service at all? You have this option if you would like in the form of a celebration of life ceremony. Celebration of life ceremonies are more than parties than funerals. They often take place at a restaurant or a banquet hall and are meant to be celebratory occasions. Most families will play music during celebration of life ceremonies as they eat and share stories about their loved ones. Celebration of life ceremonies have started to rise in popularity and could become even more popular than they are now in the years to come.


No service at all

Most funeral homes will strongly encourage you to hold a funeral service for a loved one who is being cremated. But you should be aware of the fact that you don’t have to hold any kind of funeral service for a loved one if you don’t want to. Most funeral homes offer what are called direct or simple cremation these days. These types of cremations take place without a funeral service. They’re the most cost-effective option for many families.

cremation services in Ashtabula, OH

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