Differences Between Life Celebration and Funeral

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If you’re planning cremation services in Madison, OH for a loved one, you may be under the impression that you’re not going to be permitted to stage any kind of funeral services for them. But the truth is that you can and you should hold some kind of services for them. Two of the most popular types of services to hold for someone who is being cremated are a life celebration and a funeral. You should know about the differences between them before going with one or the other. Discover more about the differences between a life celebration and a funeral below.

A life celebration is more of a celebration than a funeral.

A life celebration is pretty much exactly what it sounds like. It’s a celebration of a person’s life that takes on a much different tone than a funeral. You aren’t usually going to see people sitting around crying at a life celebration. Instead, you’ll see them enjoying music, dancing, and talking with family members and friends. Life celebrations are designed to be more festive than funerals and it really shows.

A life celebration provides more flexibility than a funeral.

When a family holds a funeral for a loved one as part of their cremation services, they’ll typically have to do it either right before or right after their Madison, OH cremation. But this won’t be the case with a life celebration. A family can hold a life celebration several days, several weeks, or even several months after the cremation of a loved one. Many families love the flexibility that life celebrations provide for them.

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A life celebration can be held in places that a funeral can’t be.

More often than not, a funeral will be held in either a funeral home or a place of worship. There aren’t really too many options that families will have when planning funerals for their loved ones. But you’ll be able to hold a life celebration for a loved one in any number of places. In some instances, families will hold them in restaurants or catering halls, while in others, they’ll have them in parks or other outdoor venues. The choice will be yours.

A life celebration is often more unique than a funeral.

If you’ve been to one funeral, you’ve been to them all. At least, that’s what it can start to feel like after you’ve attended your fair share of funerals. There aren’t always many opportunities for families to personalize the funerals that they plan for their loved ones. But with a life celebration, you and your family can make it as personal as you would like. It’s why so many life celebrations end up looking and feeling more unique than funerals.

A lot of families have started to hold life celebrations after their loved one’s Madison, OH cremations. Would you like to join them and hold a life celebration for your loved ones? Our funeral home can help you plan one out. Give us a call to learn more about life celebrations and what they have to offer.

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